Airports near White Sands Motel

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White Sands Motel offers close proximity to the following airports:

Brownsville Airport

Located in Brownsville, TX, the Port Isabel Airport is a small hub for small planes and helicopters. The airport spans over one hundred acres and has a single runway that can accommodate small planes. The airport offers services such as fuel, maintenance, hangar rentals, and aircraft sales. With an average of seventy-five flights per day, the airport is a popular stop for tourists and locals looking for a quick trip away from the city.

17.5 miles away

General Servando Canales International Airport

General Servando Canales International Airport Port Isabel is located in Isla Verde, Cozumel, Mexico. The airport is served by several airlines, including American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines. Additionally, the airport is serviced by car rental companies and tour operators. The airport has an international terminal and a domestic terminal.

28.6 miles away

Valley International Airport

Valley International Airport Port Isabel is a regional airport located in the city of Brownsville, Texas, just south of Houston. It is the only commercial airport serving the Brownsville-Harlingen metropolitan area and is thus a major transportation hub for the region. The airport has two runways, 12/30 and 3/21, both of which are asphalt. In addition to its primary function as a commercial airport, Valley International Airport Port Isabel also offers limited military service and general aviation services.

29.3 miles away


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